Thursday, November 21, 2019

Revolutionizing the Retail Sector Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Revolutionizing the Retail Sector - Case Study Example The two systems incorporated advanced technology during their upgrade. Consequently, they reduced the costs that organizations incurred as they used the systems (Heidari, 2008). Additional challenges that the invention of the quantum blade and the retail blade system solved entailed rising ownership costs, incompatibility and in efficiency of systems as well as rising operational costs. Problems Digipos faced with regard to system upgrades Digipos experienced several challenges while designing systems that could reduce cost of operations within businesses. Consequently, the company has struggled to cope with changes in technologies that could tackle the desires of clients. Thirdly, Dogipo’s products were incompatible with other technologies. Additionally, the management wanted to reposition the company as leaders when designing technological products that served the needs of the retail businesses. Digipos was facing stiff competition from other companies that designed technolo gical systems that could be used in the retail environment. Besides, they were unable to design systems that were simple to use. According to Heidari (2008), the challenges that the company faced caused dissatisfaction among the users of the company’s systems. ... As a result, the company formulated systems that set the stage for exemplary results. Consequently, the management embraced the use of advanced technologies while designing systems. This facilitated the design of quantum blade and the retail blade system. Following the inventions, the company engaged in research that enabled the management to design systems that reduce the cost of operation within businesses. Additionally, Digipos designed systems that used reliable hard drives. This method was effective because consumer prefer systems that are reliable when reducing cost of operations (Stair & Reynolds, 2012). People embraced the use of the Quantum Blade and the Retail Blade system because the systems are affordable and simple to upgrade. Digipos has also designed systems that are compatible with systems manufactured by other companies. Digipos is equally succeeding because it focuses on the needs of clients while designing systems. They are also providing clients with several alter natives. In order to reduce the total cost of operation, the company has opted to upgrade their systems in phases to cope with the changes in the technology. It is equally evident that the systems designed by the company can handle difficulties that retailers face while adjusting their systems (Sennewald & Christman, 2008). It was previously costly for small businesses to install systems manufactured by Digipos. However, this changed with the invention quantum blade and the retail blade systems. These systems are inexpensive and easy to upgrade. Compare and contrast the Quantum Blade to the Retail Blade The Quantum Blade and the Retail Blade

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